25. Dezember 2012

Happy Birthday, Barney

Unser kleines Einhorn wird heute schon zwei Jahre alt!

Barney's achievements in his first two years of life:
1. Being the cutest baby rabbit in the world
2. Having unicorn ears for about four months
3. Being house-trained from day 1, except for one accident
4. Winning all the rabbit contests in the world
5. Winning Lady Anne's heart
6. Making people (especially ladies) feel good about themselves
7. Winning world championship in Begging For Treats
8. Surviving all illnesses a rabbit can possibly suffer from
9. Biting only one person in two years and she deserved it
10. Jumping on Mummys bed one time and never again
11. Eating an ant on the balcony
12. Eating a lot of cardboard at night
13. Drinking coffee once but didn't like it
14. Trying to eat snow but didn't like it
15. Kissing many, many thousands of girls. Liked it.


  1. Na dann wünsche ich alles Liebe :) <3

    Liebste Grüße

  2. Und Happy Birthday an den kleinen Racker :)

  3. cutest bunny ever <3